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We Work With you on Planning,Valuation, Advertising & Negotiation




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What is The Six Steps to Sale?


A library of tools, templates and resources to save you time and money when you plan and prepare your sale.


Find out exactly what you need to prepare for buyers and make the sale process as easy as possible.

We will work with you on the appraisal of your business to make sure that you are selling at the right price.


We will help you to increase the value and have a business that you can sell at any time

High exposure advertising across multiple business for sale websites and social media. Access to the GSE Database and network.


All leads are qualified for you so that you only deal with serious buyers interested in your business.

We work with you throughout the offer, negotiation and settlement stages.


We make sure that you get the best deal possible and that everything stays on track. 

The Six Steps to Sale Members Area

The member's area is an online platform where you will find all of the tools, resources and training materials included in your membership.


The content in the membership area is constantly growing and is updated based on your feedback, needs and requests.


We cover subjects relating to every stage of your hospitality journey.

Get Help to Work Out the Exact Value of Your Business.

Getting the price of your business right is a crucial part of the sale process. If you price it too low you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table, price it too high and you could find you get no interest or get stuck on the market.


Our appraisal process give you the knowledge and the tools to work this out accurately.



Make Sure That Your Timing is Right.

Our systems, processes and tools will make sure that you are selling at the right time and that you are maximising the value of the business.


The market attractiveness report will show you how attractive your business is to the market currently and will highlight what you can do to increase the chances of selling.

Advertising Program

As a Six Steps to Sale Client when you are ready to go to market we will list your business for you across multiple leading business for sale websites, as leads come in we will qualify them for you and get rid of any timewasters.


This will give you high exposure advertising on the major business for sale websites, we get your business in front of the right buyers.

Buyer Qualification 

As inquiries come in on your business we will send out a confidentiality agreement for prospective buyers to sign.


Many buyers need chasing multiple times for the confidentiality agreement, we will follow up on your behalf up to five times by email, sms and phone.


Once we have the confidentiality agreement signed we will send out details about the business on your behalf (see the business profile below)


We will then follow up with you passing on details of the buyer and will work with you to try and help you to set up an inspection.

Weekly Updates 

Our Sellers Portal is designed to give you full visibility over the sale of your Cafe.


Check the amount of views that your adverts have had, see how many inquiries there have been and see what stage each inquiry is at anytime you choose.


The details in the Seller's Portal are updated at least once a week. 


You can log in at any time of the day or night and check the details of people who have inquired and see how many views each of your adverts have had.

Private Members Only Facebook Group.

The Six Steps to Sale Facebook Group is a small group of like minded hospitality professionals working on the sale of their business.


The group is designed to be a supportive and positive environment where you can ask questions and share thoughts with your peers.


The group is also where you can gain access to updates about The Six Steps as well as coaching and support from Paul.

A Full Business Profile Prepared For You.

We will create a full (25-30 page) business profile for you.


This document will be used to pass on top level information about your business to help buyers to learn more about the opportunity and answer a lot of questions early on.

Make Sure That Your Timing is Right.

Our systems, processes and tools will make sure that you are selling at the right time and that you are maximising the value of the business.


The market attractiveness report will show you how attractive your business is to the market currently and will highlight what you can do to increase the chances of selling.

Meet Paul

Paul Leach

Hospitality Consultant, Certified Exit Planning Advisor and

Licensed Broker in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD

Hello, I am Paul Leach


I work with busy cafe owners to help them to grow, run and sell their businesses'


I grew up in the food business, my parents owned two very successful restaurants and I remember working (or a least thinking I was) in them from a very early age. All through school I knew I wanted to go in to the hospitality industry and the day that I started at College could not come quick enough.

In 1993 I opened my first Cafe called “Hogarth’s” and that is really where it all began. 


Since then I have built up and sold nine food businesses and loved every minute (well most of it) and learnt a lot about how the sale process works.


When running and selling my businesses I always felt that there had to be a better way to get support throughout the journey and that is where GSE Business Consultants and The Six Steps to Sale have come from. 


I am now using the experience I gained in starting, running and selling all those businesses to help people like yourself to do the same. It works well for me as I am still involved in the industry and it helps my clients by them avoiding some of the mistakes that I made when selling my first couple of cafes – Win Win!


I would love the opportunity to show you more about how this approach can help you to grow, run or sell your business.

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The Six Steps to Sale will Help You in the Following Ways

  • Gain Full Control of your Business Sale

    Knowledge is power, we will help you to analyse your business and identify the true market value as well as ways to increase your asking price.

  • Support When You Need It

    Get support and advice

    when you need it most. Don't struggle through the sale on your own, let us guide you through each step.

  • Avoid the Pitfalls


    Whilst selling a hospitality business is not rocket science there are a lot of ways you can get it wrong. 


    We will make sure that you get the best result possible.

  • Get Rid of The Timewasters FAST

    We qualify all leads and inquiries for you, this saves you time and ensures that you are only dealing with qualified, serious buyers.

  • Stronger Negotaition


    When you get an offer on your business we will help you to remain in control of the deal and negotiate a deal that works best for you.

  • High Exposure Low Cost Advertising

    Our partnership with the leading business for sale websites means that you can leverage our discounted rates.


    Get maximum exposure and put your business in from of qualified buyers.


This Will Suit You if...

  • You Would Like Help To Plan and Prepare the Sale of Your Business


    If you know that you and your business would benefit from some support to get ready for the sales process then The Six Steps to Sale is for you. 


    Rather than taking the trial and error approach let us show you exactly what you need to do and what to expect.

  • You Would Like to Have Somebody Experienced in your Corner.


    Like most things in life there is a process involved when selling a 


    With the Full Program you will have an experienced professional on call whenever you need them



    Take the guesswork out of your sale and pay $0 commission.


  • You Would Like Cost Effective High Exposure Advertising with leads qualified for you

    Getting your ads in front of the right people can be expensive. 


    Rather than compromise and end up generating low quality inquiries, let us do the heavy lifting for you.


    Our high exposure advertising will get you onto the major sites as well as access to our database of qualified buyers through email and social channels.


Your Investment 

Full Program 

Support and Advertising

This will suit you if you would like full support throughout your sale combined with advertising and buyer qualification.

  • Full Access to the Six Steps to Sale client's area packed full of Tools Templates and How to Vidoes to make to process easier for you.

  • We work with you on the appraisal of your business

  • We work with you on the advert copy for your business

  • We create a 20 page Business Profile For You

  • Your business listed on six major websites

  • Your business listed on the GSE Website

  • We send details about your business to the GSE database of qualified buyers

  • Google and Facebook ad campaigns to drive more inquiries on your business 

  • We ask all buyers to complete our Confidentiality Agreement and follow up with them

  • All leads are then qualified for you

  • We send out information about your business to buyers once they are qualified 

  • Weekly reports showing advert views and inquiries. 

  • Unlimited 1:1 Support throughout the entire sale process, help is there whenever you need it 

  • No Contracts and No Commission 

High Exposure Fully Managed Advertising


 Exclusive to Six Step to Sale Clients  



Social Media Advertising 



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It is our intention to deliver you a high return on your investment with us. If you implement and action even some of the best practices that we share with you then you should easily be able to achieve a huge return on your investment.


Understanding the true value of your business and how to defend its value can save you thousands of dollars.


Like any program or service ultimately you can get out as much or little as you want to, we will give you all the support, coaching and resources that we can but you need to take action.


We want you to get results and we are totally committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you work with us, utilise the resources, Q&A sessions and coaching and then take action then we will guarantee you results.


Paul Leach

Director GSE Business Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that we have been asked about The Six Steps to Sale. If you have a question that is not covered here just get in touch and we will happily answer it for you.


Who is The Six Steps to Sale For?

What Areas Do You Cover?

How long will I have access and support?

What happens when I sign up?

How Does The Six Steps to Sale Work?

What size of business is The Six Steps designed for?

The Six Steps will suit hospitality businesses of any size, whether you are a start up or a seasoned operator the program will help you to add value to your business.

Will The Six Steps to Sale work for Restaurants & Takeaways as well as Cafes?

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